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A post in English: it must be from Resonance

Pattison Test Card

We realised the first part of our Media Playground at this year’s Frieze Art Fair. Frieze generously allows us to occupy a booth and in return we broadcast their various talks and discussions. This year we also co-hosted an audio artwork by Ruth Ewan, an interesting young artist whose work focused on topical song – well suited to radio (and indeed it had its own RSL at the Fair).

For the Playground, I gathered together a variety of artists working across media. Alex Ressel has just graduated from Goldsmiths and is one of the movers behind London’s current artist-squatter scene. He and his friends think nothing of occupying empty pubs, language schools, embassies or car showrooms and fend off police alsatians with aplomb. More important to my mind than his skills in entering abandoned buildings or handling savage dogs is his flair as a film maker. We built a tiny cinema and Alex put together an impressive show reel of new work from a burgeoning new underground scene (as it seems to me). He also introduced us to Yuri Pattison, who set up a working television station in the booth, as well as providing some vintage photographic technology to document the project. Yuri is one of the artists behind Off-Modern, whose immersive multi-media events have been brightening up south London for the last year.

To surprise ourselves, we also invited Tomomi Sayuda, a young artist who had been recommended to me by a very circuitous route (i.e. I cannot remember). She brought an interactive audio tree and her magnificent iBum, an armchair which scans people’s arses. Grayson Perry, Ron Arad and Tomoko Nagai were among those who agreed to sit.

Meantime, Resonance had an elaborate analogue tape loop set up against one wall, built and tweaked by Paul Fishman. The idea here was to produce a durational, dense, multi-layered ident for the radio station, with members of the public pitching in and gradually erasing each other’s voices. And for reasons of elegance and pleasure, we exhibited some paintings by Roderick Hunt, prints by Jake Oliver-Fishman and photographs from the series Disseminated Primatemaia by Jamie Orlando Smith.

Jessica Voorsanger provided paintings of well-known BBC Radio personalities for us to auction and Bob and Roberta Smith not only read people’s palms but sold off two dozen radio-related works to raise money for Resonance.

More about this when I have sorted through the various images and outcomes of the project so far – made personally a bit awkward by the fact that, having overseen the installation of all the work, I was sick throughout the Fair so missed almost everything.

Ed Baxter

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