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MOME Media Playground

11-21 February 2010
Accompanying the exhibition, events and film screenings of BBS 50: Other Voices, Other Rooms – Attempt(s) at Reconstruction
Venue: Műcsarnok, exhibition halls X and XI

Students of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME) have made a series of interactive artworks as a greeting for the 50th anniversary of Balázs Béla Studio.
The exhibition, which consists of seven installations selected in a competition process at MOME, allows to create continuity and acts as an interpretation tool between the (recent) past and future of media art, by reflecting on certain artworks or a general mass media phenomenon.
The MOME students created installations that map new media art tendencies, with special attention to forms of experimentation and possibilities of communication in the new experimental media. The installations present ideas and visions that reflect the future
strategies of young artists. The jury of MOME Media Playground favoured works, in which artistic invention and expression goes hand in hand with playfulness and comprehensibility and those, which are based on interaction and activating the audience.

The curators of the exhibition:
János Szirtes – MOME, Chair, Department of Visual Communication; Head of Media Design
Miklós Erhardt – MOME, Associate Professor, Media Design
Maxim Bakos – MOME line – design workshop

Opening ceremony: Thursday 11th February 2010, 6 PM
Opening remarks by: János Szirtes, Chair, Department of Visual Communication at MOME

Following the opening remarks: VHS domino

Annoying Not Annoying – a performance by Bori Rutkai, Albert Márkos and Dávid Farkas (dj Bem) + surprise:
MOME/BBS audiovisual reOpening on Thursday 18th February between 6 PM and 10 PM

In Virág Bogyó’s project film scripts are used from the BBS archives that had never been realised. Using these scripts as a starting point, she takes photos as film stills, emphasising an alternative version of the past and the framework, in which BBS operated.

Dávid Lovas and Emese Góg’s piece New Media in the Display Cabinet presents the artists’ opinion on current media, extending their interpretation to the market and consumer culture. A film selection from the BBS archives are taken to a trivial display cabinet and are ironically re-interpreted by today’s shifted values and hierarchy.

Ádám Bence Kiss, Ágoston Nagy and Bence Samu created an unusual operating surface,
the SpaceScan, with which we can navigate among various visual contents with spatial movement and thus influence the projected films.

Doma Harkai’s interactive street art project, Democracy uses a computer software that plays and archives virtual graffitis sprayed by visitors onto projected building facades.

Dániel Feles and Áron Birtalan presents an installation called Aqua Glitch, which can be activated by touch. The sounds and images of a projected video can be modified by the visitors breaking the surface of a large water-filled bowl.

Dávid Ráday’s Self:Archive reflects on the spirit of BBS and especially on Tibor Hajas’s film ‘Self-fashion-show’, by connecting BBS and today’s approach to fashion. At Műcsarnok, visitors can take part in an imaginary ‘casting’, and the videos filmed there are immediately
uploaded to the BBS archives at and thus to the infinite archives of the internet.

Dóra Popella’s installation, Objectified Snobism, or “Antisocial Garden Dwarfs as the Imprint of our Current State of Mind” responds to the movement of visitors using garden dwarfs scattered in the exhibition hall. Once being approached, they start to speak, sometimes asking visitors to leave.

Szilvia Papp’s Star-Shooting is an installation with today’s hollow celebrity icons – validated by TV and pushmedia tools – in the center, aiming at revealing in a playful manner the emptiness of the celebrity world and implying that the choice to shoot the TV screen is ours.

MOME line – design workshop
MOME line – design workshop has been set up in cooperation with the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Besides promoting design and its function, MOME line – design workshop undertakes to fulfil the role of mediator between a wide variety of initiatives, be they business, art or social investments, and the creative human resources. Through our collaboration, MOME line – design workshop invites students to submit their ideas for specific projects and gives a helping hand for them in various EU tenders. In addition, MOME line – design workshop cooperates with accomplished, successful designers to create projects in the fields of animation, design, architecture, metal crafts, sustainable development, industrial design, photography, graphic design, environmental design, research and development, media design, art management, education, textiles, glass design and visual culture.

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