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SCULPTURE PARKS in Vienna with Anna Raimondo

Anna Raimondo, here I am. Metà gerundio, metà palindromo.

I often wonder how I would perceive my body noises if I had no Eustachian tube or how I could distinct the pronunciation of a capital letter from that of a small letter.

I’m very interested in barriers, especially those of the sound, any frontier in radio diffusion and all the different forms to interact with the audience, whom I lend my hear to. I prefer the phonetics of a language, its accents, reverberation and all the words I can’t understand. For this I like living in foreign countries which correspondent language puzzles charm me, from Spain to France, from Italy to Morocco, from Lavapiés Chipén in Madrid to Rue Canabière in Marseilles.

It is in Marseilles where I’m currently training my ears and keeping my vocation for the radio alive, while working for Radio Grenouille in the program “Jusqu’ici tout va bien”.

Let me also mention Radio Papesse, Radio Pan, Radio Vallekas, R22, Radio Circulo, Radio Tres (Radio Nacional de España), and the Italian magazine Platypus L’Eclettico.

Clof, clop, cloch,

A n n a R a i m o n d o <>

[In the context of Vienna's SCULPTURE PARKS, Anna Raimondo will be working as an Artist in Residency at Radio ORANGE 94.0 in Vienna from the 26th of July to the 16th of August on her Radio Performance "Play Babel"]

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